How to defer payment of contributions to the Social Security

Many self-employed have been able to find quite economically engaged throughout the crisis situations. It might therefore, at some point they have not been able to meet its obligations to its suppliers, whether public or private entities. A mandatory fee paid for all of them is the contribution to Social Security, and since this can be deferred to relieve the economically autonomous in we explain how to defer payment of contributions to Social Security.

  1. Any self- tribute to the Income Tax of Individuals (income tax) or corporation tax may request the postponement of debt with Social Security, except:
  • The share of workers who may be in charge, if any.
  • The share of occupational diseases and accidents.
  1. The moratorium on fees may be requested from time expires the game period in which it must have the corresponding amount is entered.
  2. The request must be made ​​in Social Security offices in the sole which make the payment of fees or the Provincial Department of the Treasury of the province concerned. There is also the option to do it through the website of the Social Security.
  3. The documentation that we present is:
  • Model requesting the postponement.
  • Document recognizing the debt.
  • Document identifying which aims deferred debt.
  • Guarantee, if the case so requires.
  1. Once the moratorium will have a term of five years to meet debt payments, liquidate still convenient as possible.
  2. It is important to know that if you do not have a guarantee, the interest that our debt will be subject of 5%. In case we get a cosigner, interest will vary from year to year, having marked for 2013 on 4%.