A DUI conviction in Maryland can restrict your license and show up on your driving record, which increases the cost of your insurance. It can also lead to prison, fines, difficulty finding employment in the future, and the restrictions on travel to places that try DUI as a felony. Once out of a DUI you have been charged depends on their prior record, your attitude, know a bit about DUI laws in Maryland and a little luck.

By the time you see lights behind your vehicle, stop. Note that trying to escape an officer in Maryland can result in felony charges that carry a potential for more than one year in prison and six months or longer license suspension of additional driver.

Keep a polite attitude. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration teaches officers of law enforcement that things such as the refusal to see the officer, or a belligerent attitude indicate a possible impairment. Calmly answer the questions of the agent on your behalf and give your identification. Section 7.3.505 Maryland Code Annotated allows an officer to arrest you if you refuse to identify themselves or lying about his identity after being arrested.

Maryland may refuse to perform field sobriety tests. If you do testing is sure to tell the officer about any medical conditions you have that may affect your balance. Also tell the officer if you have problems with your eyes and that look in the eyes of the signs of intoxication. Maryland law prohibits blood samples by court order, but also makes driving under the influence of illegal drugs so do not use drugs, including prescription drugs, as an explanation for poor driving or poor balance.

If you are charged with DUI, contact a DUI lawyer locally as soon as possible. Provide your lawyer with every detail you can remember that includes the names and phone numbers of witnesses who can corroborate his story. For example, the tissue inside your lane is not illegal in Maryland and if you have witnesses who can confirm that the only reason that the officer was stopped for going side to side, but not cross the lane lines, you may have a valid defense that can result in dismissal of the charges.

Reduced application fees or postponement, if your attorney can not get the charges against him dismissed outright, ask if you can get a continuance, or if the prosecutor could reduce charges of reckless or negligent driving instead of DUI. Reduced expenses usually carry a significant cost less than the DUI, both in terms of fines and partners such costs as loss of license and increased insurance costs. A postponement required to meet the conditions, with the dismissal of the charges on successful completion. The conditions may include treatment of alcohol, fines, community service work, and not get into trouble.