The Defense against DWI Charges

The driving while intoxicated is a sadly common mistake that can put people in serious problem – people who have never had a problem with the law. A brief lapse in judgment caused by too many drinks can have seriously detrimental consequences to long term. The law enforcement to vigorously pursue DWI offenders and prosecutors work hard to release the power of the law on them, when drunk drivers are a great disservice to public safety, People may fear your name, reputation, employment and family dynamics are all adversely affected due to this error. The good news is that valuable consultant is available from a criminal defense attorney in Houston who can work hard to put things right.

The penalties for DUI – also known as DWI under Maryland law – are stiff, even for first-time offenders. Penalties of $ 2,000, ongoing fees to keep driving license, six months in prison and loss of license for a year anyone can afford all who are convicted of their first misdemeanor DWI. Repeat offenses may lead to heavy prison sentences of 10 years and penalties of up to $ 10,000. A person may think that he is ‘okay’ to drive, but if he is caught exceeding the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) – .08%, he will go to jail. The police can also detain someone even if they simply observed driving erratically or in an unsafe manner and DWI suspect.