DUI Representation

Potential customers DUI cases have several concerns. They want to know about possible defenses, they want to minimize the impact a DUI arrest can have on their lives, driving privileges and their jobs and want to minimize the risk of incarceration.

Whether his defense includes a stop illegal traffic in which their rights were violated, a review of DUI poorly designed sobriety tests administered by an officer without experience or an objection to the relevance of the test equipment blood or breath or procedures.

In most DUI cases we try, customers are facing spend months or years in prison but often evade jail time and license suspension for a long time.

The lawyer has experience interrogating state and local police on procedures they use for DUI arrests. Obtain a favorable result in a DUI case often it happens as a result of an attorney experienced in DUI cases, presenting the problems with the state’s case to the judge or district attorney to obtain the best possible result. When the weight of the law is on their shoulders and freedom in danger, do not put your trust in a lawyer with the lack of experience and reputation that lawyer has at his disposal.