How to declare a DUI case

Sometimes when you have charged with DUI (Driving Under the Influence – driving under the influence of alcohol / drugs), just want to plead and finish the case. Someone who has charge of DUI is arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Sometimes it is a misdemeanor and is one serious sometimes, depending on the severity of the incident.


  1. Decide between hiring a lawyer or if you yourself represent Aras. If you are pleading guilty, you probably want to represent yourself and save on attorney fees. But the choice of a lawyer is purely personal.
  2. Talk to the prosecutor before any settlement, if you wish to discuss your statement. The prosecutor will want to reduce you charge or sentence because your decision to plead guilty in the case of DUI.
  3. Assists according to the court specified in your demand for DUI while. Arrive early. Review and make known to the officers already arrived. Wait mention your name to enter the agreement.
  4. Tell the judge to decide to plead guilty to charges of DUI, when you ask. Surely the judge will ask if you understand the gravity of the charges against you. Tell him if you know.
  5. Listen to judge when to give judgment on your crime. The judge will surely give the judgment at that time and in that place. You must pay your ticket as soon as possible and fulfill your sentence in jail if it was established.