Job interview for lawyer

Would you like to work in a law firm? If you have been summoned for a job interview for a lawyer, it is important that you prepare it beforehand. Before going to the job interview, you should inform yourself well about the characteristics of the firm, its area of ​​expertise and its achievements, information that you can find detailed in all likelihood on the website of the firm. If you go to the interview well informed about the firm, you will make a very good first impression as well as transmit interest and proactivity.

More and more law firms are looking for candidates with a great capacity for learning, flexibility, communication and empathy as well as language skills due to their rapid internationalization. That is why, in addition to an individual interview, many law firms present practical cases to their candidates and ask them to carry out a written test of technical-legal knowledge.

To prepare a job interview for a lawyer and successfully pass the selection process, you can follow the advice below. What are the most common job interview questions for lawyers and how to address them with resolution?

Frequently asked questions in the lawyer interview and possible answers

In addition to questions related to your studies to be a lawyer and your previous experience in the trade, other questions in the job interview for lawyer that could make you are the following: Why did you decide to devote to law? What do you think is the most important job of a lawyer? What legal situations have you had to face or would like to resolve? In what area of ​​the Law is it best defended? Many selection processes for lawyers are extensive and can be organized in several days and even weeks. There are law firms that ask applicants to the job to perform a test with technical-legal questions and from different areas, such as, for example, Commercial and Civil Law, Civil Code, Procedural Law, Administrative Law, etc. It is also possible that they propose to complete a test in English to check your knowledge in this language and solve a case study in front of the recruiters.

How to dress for the job interview for a lawyer

If this is your first job interview, you may not know very well what to wear for the job interview for a lawyer. It is best to go to the interview with formal attire, elegant (but without going) and pay attention to details (earrings, shoes, possible visible tattoos, nails, etc.). If you are a boy, we advise you to wear a long-sleeved shirt and dark blue or beige pants.

In case it is a prestigious law firm, we advise you to wear a classic suit and tie, or with an elegant suit-jacket with a skirt if you are a girl. Try not to put on too much makeup and not show off exuberant prints. During the interview, keep a calm attitude and try to convey confidence in your response. Everything will be fine!