Measures of assurance and security for exploited people

  1. Increased number of powerful national police and common watchman committed to the aversion and battle against sexual orientation savagery.
  2. Development and operation of a typical convention for Risk Assessment Security Forces of the State and territorial police.
  3. A new basic database for the Security Forces of the State creates, to enhance productivity in observing the circumstances of each of the ladies with insurance and evacuation. The objective is to have a changeless record of the circumstances in which ladies casualties of abusive behavior at home live, to counteract further hostility.
  4. Create Units of Violence against Women in Sub assignments government to organize all the data and assets to ensure ladies at danger, and empower individual following.
  5. Protocols for coordination between the General State Administration, Regional Administration and Local Government including all organizations to attain a far reaching and incorporated activity.
  6. Mobile tele care to all ladies casualties of sex savagery limiting requests.

Legal measures

  1. Creating new courts elite Violence against Women.
  2. Large layout prosecutors devoted to viciousness against ladies
  3. Creating new Forensic Units thorough appraisal
  4. Specialization Criminal Courts
  5. Guarantee on obligation. All ladies casualties of aggressive behavior at home who demand prompt legitimate help pro 24 hours ensured.

Aversion, mindfulness and consideration

  1. Starts up another phone data administration and thoughtfulness regarding ladies casualties of viciousness, with specific help 24 hours a day.
  2. Protocol health awareness will be dispatched in all government funded schools. Elucidates the conditions under which doctors focus the suspected ill-use and included in the restorative history of the patients.

Measures of restraint towards abusers

  1. Was dispatched over the state with a particular model and basic least norms for mediation programs Comprehensive Act gives that when superseded or suspended detainment.
  2. National usage of restoration projects to guilty parties in open penitentiaries and development of wrongdoer’s recovery programs in a shut administration.
  3. Launched a particular project of continuous checking through electronic gadgets culprits rebuffed for law violations of viciousness.
  4. Programs cooperation with organizations that encourage the recruitment of ladies casualties of sex savagery.
  5. Public authority’s sentenced aggressive behavior at home may not specifically dependable or exercise purview in administrations and units to sex viciousness.