DUI – Driving under the influence

A DUI arrest is traumatic. Most people arrested for DUI have never been exposed to the criminal justice system, and handcuffed and taken to jail.

It is understood that there are two important parts in a DUI case: the first is the administrative proceeding conducted by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles regarding the suspension of driver’s license; the second is in fact the legal action by the prosecution.

The administrative process

When arrested for DUI, the agent typically takes your Florida driver license and gives a temporary permit with duration of 10 days. You must take action immediately. If you want to fight the license suspension as you only have 10 days from the date of arrest to request a hearing with Florida’s Department of Highways and Motor Vehicles.

Call today and Hardy attorney will schedule the hearing. Hardy may issue a citation to the police officers who arrested and interrogated you under oath.

Among more than 86,000 lawyers in Florida, less than half of 1% has achieved the distinction of being certified in the criminal procedural law.